Local Development Plan - the process

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Review and Development of Evidence Base

The council is required to prepare and maintain an up-to-date information base on all aspects of social, economic and environmental characteristics of the county borough, to enable the preparation of a 'sound' Local Development Plan. This information baseline is known as the evidence base.

The Caerphilly LDP must be based on a sound body of evidence, and the council proposes to make all significant data and analyses used in preparing the plan available on these pages.

Please select from the list below to find more information on topics of interest to you:

The first link contains the guidance issued by the Welsh Government on Local Development Plans, and detailed topic specific guidance contained in a series of Technical Advice Notes (TANS).

Please note that the evidence base will increase as the preparation of the plan proceeds.

  • Welsh Government guidance
  • Development of alternative strategic options
  • Candidate sites
  • Population and housing
  • Employment
  • Transport
  • Retailing
  • Natural heritage
  • Leisure
  • Tourism
  • Historic environment
  • Minerals
  • Waste management
  • Community facilities
  • Sustainable energy and resources
  • Broad level flood risk assessment
  • Constraints map
  • Initial consultation report (Preferred Strategy)
  • SEA/SA Assessment Proforma