Local Development Plan - the process

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Shopping is an essential community facility and an increasingly important source of employment. The development plan aims to improve shopping provision in the county borough by maintaining and enhancing existing shopping centres.

The proposed LDP retail policy framework includes the identification of suitable site allocations and also policies that aim to protect and enhance the viability and vitality of the major retail centres in the county borough giving regard to the identification of the role and function of those settlements. The framework is considered to accord with, be underpinned by, and implement the following key components of the Plan Strategy:

  • Target development to reflect the roles and functions of individual settlements
  • Allow for development opportunities in the Heads of the Valleys Regeneration Area
  • Promote a balanced approach to managing future growth
  • Exploit brownfield opportunities where appropriate
  • Promote resource efficient settlement patterns
  • Policy SP 4 identifies five Principal Towns and four Key Settlements based on their functions as major employers, retail centres, providers of services and centres of population. The Plan seeks to enhance these areas based on their current role and function in order to respond appropriately to the economic, social and environmental needs of individual settlements.

    In terms of retail protection Policy CW 18 restricts new retail stores or additional retail floorspace outside of the defined Principal Town Centres, Policy CW 16 controls change of use from retailing in the main town centres, Policy CW19 promotes the development of warehousing units in designated retail parks in preference to other locations, and finally Policy CW 12 seeks to preserve rural commercial facilities in identified villages.

    In order to enhance commercial service provision and increase employment opportunities, Policy CM 4 has identified a range of commercial development sites in the five Principal Town Centres and the four Key Settlements. Policy CM 1 has designated Town Centre Boundaries for the five Principal Towns, and a Primary Retail Area is defined in Policy CM 3 for both Blackwood and Caerphilly. In addition, Policy CM 5 has identified a Commercial Opportunity Area for each of the principal towns of Bargoed, Blackwood and Caerphilly, where office development might prove particularly beneficial. Finally, Retail Warehouse Parks have been defined in Policy CM 2 for both Blackwood and Caerphilly. Together, all these policy initiatives aim to provide yet another significant set of opportunities to drive further economic growth in the county borough.

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