Local Development Plan - the process

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Transport is a fundamental issue for the LDP. Positive action is required at the local level to achieve wider goals of improving accessibility to jobs and services, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring sustainable economic growth. The LDP will have an important role to play in delivering a transport system that aims to reduce car use through measures to increase the use of public transport, walking and cycling and through the location of development.

The main transport aim of the LDP is to deliver a sustainable transport system that:

  • Reduces the need to travel by locational decisions on land uses
  • Increases the use of public transport and sustainable modes of transport (such as walking and cycling).
  • Reduces reliance on car born travel, particularly for shorter trips that could more easily be undertaken on foot or by bicycle.
  • The LDP contains Strategic Policies, Countywide policies and Strategy Area Policies that will deliver positive action to realise a more sustainable transport system. However it should be noted that car borne travel will remain the dominant form of travel throughout the plan period and as such policies and proposals have also been included which seek the improvement of the existing highway network based upon the principle of making better and more efficient use of the highway network.

    Cycle and walking form a significant proportion of the policies and proposals in the LDP. The proposals seek to enhance the existing network of cycling/walking routes throughout the county borough, through the completion of the national cycle network routes throughout he county borough, and improving links to important destinations in transport terms, such as town centres and transport interchanges.

    Overall the LDP will realise a more sustainable transport system, whilst balancing the need to accommodate both housing and employment growth, along with their associated development needs.

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