Local Development Plan - the process

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Provision for tourism is an important means of regenerating communities and contributes to the social and economic wellbeing of people in Caerphilly county borough. Tourism is an important economic driver and, as relating to the historic and landscape characteristics of the area, facilities need to be provided that offer a variety of experiences to visitors all the year round. Also the needs of both daily and staying tourists need to be catered for with sufficient activities and accommodation for the industry's growing needs.

The Local Development Plan contains Strategic, Countywide and Strategy Area policies that aim to protect and enhance the existing network of tourism facilities. Key objectives include the need to:

  • effectively market the county borough as a tourist destination and individual local attractions, building on current successes in generating visitors and revenue
  • consider the needs and quality of life of local communities
  • enhance and respect culture and local traditions eg festivals
  • contribute to local economic prosperity whilst minimising damage to the historic and where possible preserving the landscape and natural environment
  • In order to achieve the overriding aim of being sustainable, planning policies for tourism need to address social, cultural and economic issues as well as environmental. The Local Development Plan will seek to achieve a balance between development and tourism needs in order to ensure that a comprehensive network of tourism facilities and services are accessible to visitors, serving the county borough's main attractions.

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