Local Development Plan - the process

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Provision for recreation and leisure is an essential part of improving the social and economic wellbeing of people and communities in Caerphilly county borough. There is an overarching aspiration for the effective development of sport and a wide range of leisure pursuits, which promote physical activity among both children and adults. This has clear health improvement implications by enabling people throughout the borough to participate as fully as possible and from an environmental perspective can help to retain attractive open amenity land in urban areas.

The Local Development Plan contains Strategic, Countywide and Strategy Area policies that aim to protect and enhance the existing network of leisure facilities. The priorities are:

  • protecting and enhancing the network of major leisure facilities including country and urban parks, leisure centres, sports pitches and playgrounds
  • creating valuable amenity space for particular communities to use
  • promoting provision of open and accessible natural green spaces in line with national guidance by use of regularly updated surveys of the county borough
  • increasing accessibility to such spaces by the public rights of way network
  • Commercial leisure uses are also important in sustaining the vitality and viability of our town centres. Ready access to retail and leisure services and facilities is particularly important in promoting social inclusivity. The Local Development Plan will seek to achieve a balance between development and open space needs in order to ensure that settlements continue to have access to as many good quality, clean and well appointed leisure facilities as possible.

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