Local Development Plan - the process

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One of the overall aims of the development plan is to increase levels of economic prosperity within the county borough. The success of implementing this aim will be dependent on bringing about new employment opportunities and raising income levels.

The plan will seek to ensure that the land supply is adequate to meet the future needs of business and industry and to achieve the aims of the plan, insofar as they relate to employment. Its key mechanism in this regard is the allocation of new, and the protection of existing, employment sites across the three strategy areas of the county borough and the refinement of desired uses within each one.

The process of determining whether sites should be allocated/protected or otherwise, and ascertaining the position of each one within this refined employment land hierarchy, is set out within the Background Paper 7 – Employment.

adobe logo Background Paper 7 – Employment (PDF 391kb)

adobe logo Caerphilly Employment Sites Supply and Market Appraisal Study (PDF 7.0mb)