Local Development Plan - the process

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Community Facilities

Providing a range of community facilities, accessible to as many people as possible, is an essential element in improving social and economic wellbeing of people and communities in Caerphilly county borough. Such facilities are often major employers and can be centres for skills in particular fields – hospitals and surgeries for instance attracting a pool of specialist personnel to provide medical care for the benefit of the wider community. Also educational facilities can become important centres relating to academic research and professional training.

The Local Development Plan contains Strategic, Countywide and Strategy Area policies that aim to protect and enhance the existing network of community facilities. These include:

The Caerphilly UDP sets out three objectives:

  • community and youth centres
  • libraries, colleges, schools and nurseries
  • hospitals, surgeries and emergency service stations – ambulance, fire and police
  • cemeteries, social services, and civic buildings eg courts, registry offices
  • Many other aspects of planning have implications upon the location of community facilities including housing, good transport links and proximity to major centres of population and commercial services. The Local Development Plan will seek to achieve a balance between these needs in order to ensure that settlements continue to benefit from a well developed infrastructure of modern, fit for purpose community facilities.

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