Local authorities documents

Reference Document Date Author
LA.1A Countryside Strategy For CCBC (PDF 7.9mb)Dec 1998Caerphilly County Borough Council
LA.2Adopted Caerphilly Basin Local Plan (October 1983) (PDF 22.7mb)October 1983Rhymney Valley District Council
LA.3Adopted Gwent Structure Plan (March 1996) (PDF 40.5mb)March 1996Gwent County Council
LA.4Adopted Islwyn Local Plan (January 1996) (PDF 25.4mb)January 1996Islwyn Brough Council
LA.5Adopted Mid Rhymney Valley Local Plan (July 1986) (PDF 34.3mb)June 1986Rhymney Valley District Council
LA.6Adopted Nelson and Treharris Local Plan (September 1983) (PDF 105.8mb)September 1983Rhymney Valley District Council
LA.7Adopted Upper Rhymney Valley Local Plan (March 1986) (PDF 33.3mb)March 1986Rhymney Valley District Council
LA.8Biodiversity Action Plan For CCBC - Volume 1 (PDF 1.9mb) Caerphilly County Borough Council
LA.9Biodiversity Action Plan For CCBC - Volume 2 (PDF 4.4mb) Caerphilly County Borough Council
LA.10Caerphilly Rural Development Partnership: Strategy - Available only in hard copy Caerphilly County Borough Council
LA.11Community Strategy: Community Planning in Action (PDF 456kb)November 2004Caerphilly County Borough Council
LA.12Design Guide 1: Building Better Places to Live (PDF 3.4mb)October 2005Caerphilly County Borough Council
LA.21Living Environment Strategy 2007-2012 (PDF 1.3mb)December 2006Caerphilly County Borough Council
LA.22Mid Glamorgan County Structure Plan : Approved Plan Incorporating Proposed Alterations No.1 (September 1989) (PDF 8.9kb)September 1989Mid Glamorgan County Council
LA.23People, Property & Places - A Housing Strategy for Caerphilly County Borough (PDF 5.0mb) Caerphilly County Borough Council
LA.24Caerphilly Children and Young People's Plan (PDF 2.2mb)December 2007Caerphilly County Borough Council
LA.25Racial Equality Scheme May 2008-May2011 (PDF 133kb) Caerphilly County Borough Council
LA.32SPG 1 Affordable Housing Obligations (PDF 292kb)October 2008Caerphilly County Borough Council
LA.33SPG 2 Education Obligations (PDF 124kb)October 2008Caerphilly County Borough Council
LA.34SPG 3 Caerphilly Basin Highway Network Obligation (PDF 2.8mb)October 2008Caerphilly County Borough Council
LA.35SPG 4 Trees & Development (PDF 876kb)October 2008Caerphilly County Borough Council
LA.36SPG 5 Car parking standards (PDF 709kb)October 2008Caerphilly County Borough Council
LA.37SPG 5 Car parking standards – Parking Zones (PDF 35.2mb)October 2008Caerphilly County Borough Council
LA.38The Smart Alternative (PDF 660kb) Caerphilly County Borough Council
LA.39UDP: CCBC Approved UDP (PDF 2.3mb)April 2003Caerphilly County Borough Council
LA.40UDP: CCBC Inspector's Report (PDF 1.9mb) Caerphilly County Borough Council
LA.41Joint Housing Land Availability Study 2003 (PDF 409kb)February 2005Caerphilly County Borough Council/Welsh Assembly Government
LA.42Joint Housing Land Availability Study 2004 (PDF 8.4mb)December 2005Caerphilly County Borough Council/Welsh Assembly Government
LA.43Joint Housing Land Availability Study 2005 (PDF 325kb)July 2006Caerphilly County Borough Council/Welsh Assembly Government
LA.44Joint Housing Land Availability Study 2006 (PDF 223kb)December 2006Caerphilly County Borough Council/Welsh Assembly Government
LA.45Joint Housing Land Availability Study 2008 (PDF 323kb)December 2009Caerphilly County Borough Council/Welsh Assembly Government
LA.46Update of Planning Consents - December 2009 (PDF 402kb)December 2009Caerphilly County Borough Council
LA.47Update of Planning Consents - March 2010 (PDF 79kb)March 2010Caerphilly County Borough Council
LA.48Joint Housing Land Availability Study 2009 (PDF 458kb)April 2010Caerphilly County Borough Council / Welsh Assembly Government