Wales documents

Reference Document Date Author
W.12003 National & Sub National Population Projection (PDF 136kb)December 2005Office of National Statistics
W.22003 National & Sub National Household Projections (PDF 71kb)December 2006Office of National Statistics
W.3Accommodation Needs of Gypsy Travellers in Wales (PDF 1.3mb)December 2006Welsh Assembly Government
W.4Achieving Our Potential –Tourism Strategy for Wales (PDF 2.2mb)December 2000Wales Tourist Board
W.5Affordable Housing Delivery Statement - Final Guidance (PDF 147kb)February 2009Welsh Assembly Government
W.6Affordable Housing Toolkit (PDF 1.0mb)June 2006Welsh Assembly Government
W.7Better Homes for People in Wales (PDF 996kb)July 2001Welsh Assembly Government
W.8Blaenau Gwent – Adopted Unitary Development Plan (PDF 1.3mb)July 2006Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council
W.9Blaenau Gwent – Delivery Agreement (PDF 2.3mb)May 2007Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council
W.10Cardiff – Delivery Agreement (PDF 231kb)December 2008Cardiff City Council
W.11Cardiff – Deposit LDP (PDF 1.4mb)March 2009Cardiff City Council
W.12Cardiff LDP Alternative Sites Register (PDF 4.4mb) Cardiff City Council
W.13Cardiff – Preferred Strategy (PDF 2.0mb)October 2007Cardiff City Council
W.14Starting to Live Differently (PDF 374kb)March 2004Welsh Assembly Government
W.15Climbing Higher: Strategy for Sport (PDF 2.1mb) Welsh Assembly Government
W.16Declaration on Climate Change & Energy Efficiency (PDF 173kb) United Kingdom Parliament
W.17Draft National Transport Plan (PDF 1.5mb)July 2009Welsh Assembly Government
W.19Draft TAN 6: Sustainable Rural Communities (PDF 218kb)July 2009Welsh Assembly Government
W.20Environment Strategy for Wales (PDF 1.3mb)Decemebr 2006Welsh Assembly Government
W.21Environmental Assessment of Plans & Programmes Regs (PDF 130kb)December 2004United Kingdom Parliament
W.22Examining LDPs Procedure Guidance (PDF 160kb)November 2009PINS Wales
W.23Government of Wales Act 1998 (PDF 2.6mb)December 1998United Kingdom Parliament
W.24Government of Wales Act 2006 (PDF 847kb)December 2006United Kingdom Parliament
W.25Health Impact Assessment for Opencast Coal Sites (PDF 73kb)April 2009Welsh Assembly Government
W.26LDP Manual (PDF 512kb)July 2006Welsh Assembly Government
W.27Local Development Plans Wales (PDF 220kb)December 2005Welsh Assembly Government
W.28Merthyr Tydfil – Deposit LDP (PDF 1.3mb) Merthyr Tydfill County Borough Council
W.29Merthyr Tydfil – Preferred Strategy (PDF 1.1mb) Merthyr Tydfill County Borough Council
W.30Merthyr Tydfil – Delivery Agreement (PDF 321kb) Merthyr Tydfill County Borough Council
W.31Merthyr Tydfil –New/Alternative Sites Consultation (PDF 26.8mb) Merthyr Tydfill County Borough Council
W.32Minerals Planning Policy Wales (PDF 242kb)December 2000Welsh Assembly Government
W.33MIPPS 01/2005: Planning for Renewable Energy (PDF 548kb)December 2005Welsh Assembly Government
W.34MIPPS 01/2006: Housing (PDF 209kb)June 2006Welsh Assembly Government
W.35MIPPS 01/2008: Planning for Good Design (PDF 361kb)January 2008Welsh Assembly Government
W.36MIPPS 01/2009: Planning for Sustainable Buildings (PDF 189kb)May 2009Welsh Assembly Government
W.37MIPPS 02/2005: Planning for Retailing and Town Centres (PDF 242kb)November 2005Welsh Assembly Government
W.38MTAN 1: Aggregates (PDF 474kb)March 2004Welsh Assembly Government
W.39MTAN 2: Coal (PDF 706kb)January 2009Welsh Assembly Government
W.40National Economic Development Strategy of the WAG (PDF 622kb)January 2002Welsh Assembly Government
W.41Natural Green Spaces in Towns and Cities - Providing Accessible (PDF 2.2mb)January 2006Countryside Council for Wales
W.42One Wales: A progressive agenda (PDF 306kb) Welsh Assembly Government
W.43People, Places, Futures - The Wales Spatial Plan (PDF 1.3mb)November 2004Welsh Assembly Government
W.44People, Places, Futures- The Wales Spatial Plan Update (PDF 3.8mb)July 2008Welsh Assembly Government
W.45Planning and Design for Outdoor Sport and Play (PDF 2.2mb) Welsh Institute of Sport
W.46Circular 30/2007 -Planning for Gypsy & Traveller Caravan Sites (PDF 646kb)December 2007Welsh Assembly Government
W.47Planning Policy Wales (PDF 712kb)March 2002Welsh Assembly Government
W.48Planning Policy Wales Companion Guide (PDF 596kb)June 2006Welsh Assembly Government
W.49Planning your community: a guide to LDPs(PDF 360kb)July 2006Welsh Assembly Government
W.50Property Strategy for Employment in Wales (PDF 577kb) Welsh Development Agency
W.51RCT – Alternative Sites Consultation (PDF 69.3mb) RCT County Borough Council
W.52RCT – Delivery Agreeement (PDF 620kb) RCT County Borough Council
W.53RCT – Deposit Plan (PDF 5.2mb) RCT County Borough Council
W.54RCT - Visioning (PDF 219kb) RCT County Borough Council
W.55Renewable Energy Route Map for Wales (PDF 3.0mb)February 2008Welsh Assembly Government
W.56Sand & gravel supply for south east Wales (PDF 219kb)December 2002Welsh Assembly Government
W.57Shaping the Way we Work, live and Play (PDF 2.1mb)May 2007Welsh Local Government Association
W.58Statutory Code of Practice on Racial Equality (PDF 232kb) Commission for Racial Equality
W.59TAN 1: Joint Housing Land Availability Studies (PDF 194kb)June 2006Welsh Assembly Government
W.60TAN 2: Planning and Affordable Housing (PDF 255kb)June 2006Welsh Assembly Government
W.61TAN 3: Simplified Planning Zones (PDF 31kb)November 1996Welsh Assembly Government
W.62TAN 4: Retailing and Town Centres (PDF 42kb)November 1996Welsh Assembly Government
W.63TAN 5: Nature Conservation and Planning (PDF 1.5mb)November 1996Welsh Assembly Government
W.64TAN 6: Agriculture & Rural Development (PDF 518kb) Welsh Assembly Government
W.65TAN 7: Outdoor Advertisement Control (PDF 22kb)November 1996Welsh Assembly Government
W.66TAN 8: Renewable Energy (PDF 35.2mb)July 2005Welsh Assembly Government
W.67TAN 9: Enforcement of Planning Control (PDF 37kb)December 1997Welsh Assembly Government
W.68TAN 10: Tree Preservation Orders (PDF 38kb)December 1997Welsh Assembly Government
W.69TAN 11: Noise (PDF 98kb)October 1997Welsh Assembly Government
W.70TAN 12: Design (PDF 2.2mb)June 2009Welsh Assembly Government
W.71TAN 13: Tourism (PDF 29kb)October 1997Welsh Assembly Government
W.72TAN 14: Coastal Planning (PDF 68kb)March 1998Welsh Assembly Government
W.73TAN 15: Development and Flood Risk (PDF 426kb)July 2004Welsh Assembly Government
W.74TAN 16: Sport, Recreation and Open Space (PDF 2.0mb)January 2009Welsh Assembly Government
W.75TAN 18: Transport (PDF 387kb)March 2007Welsh Assembly Government
W.76TAN 19: Telecommunications (PDF 336kb)August 2002Welsh Assembly Government
W.77TAN 20: The Welsh Language (PDF 387kb)June 2000Welsh Assembly Government
W.78TAN 21: Waste (PDF 402kb)November 2001Welsh Assembly Government
W.79TAN 22: Planning for Sustainable Buildings (Draft) (PDF 618kb)May 2009Welsh Assembly Government
W.80The LDP For Newport - Delivery Agreement (PDF 651kb) Newport City Council
W.81The LDP For Newport - Strategic Options (PDF 432kb) Newport City Council
W.82The LDP For Newport - Vision and Objectives (PDF 540kb) Newport City Plan
W.83The Microgeneration Action Plan for Wales (PDF 237kb)March 2007Welsh Assembly Government
W.84The Strategy for Older People Phase 2 2008-2013 (PDF 781kb)January 2003Welsh Assembly Government
W.85The Wales Transport Strategy (PDF 986kb)April 2008Welsh Assembly Government
W.86The Welsh Housing Condition Survey (1998) (PDF 625kb)December 1998Welsh Assembly Government
W.87Torfaen – Delivery Agreement Version 3 (PDF 2.2mb)January 2009Torfaen County Borough Council
W.88Torfaen – Preferred Strategy (PDF 3.7mb)January 2008Torfaen County Borough Council
W.89Town & Country Planning (LDP) (Wales) Regulations 2005December 2005United Kingdom Parliament
W.90Torfaen – Preferred Strategy (PDF 2.7mb)September 2008Wales Biodiversity Partnership
W.91Wales: A Better Country (PDF 276kb)September 2003Welsh Assembly Government
W.92Wales: A Vibrant Economy (PDF 270kb)November 2005Welsh Assembly Government
W.93Wales: Challenging Climate, Challenging Choices (PDF 1.1mb)May 2000University of Wales, Bangor
W.94Walking & Cycling Strategy for Wales (PDF 762kb)December 2003Welsh Assembly Government
W.96Welsh Labour Force Survey (PDF 2.2mb)April 2004Office of National Statistics
W.97Welsh Office Circular 11/99 Environmental Impact Assessment (PDF 2.0mb)November 1999Welsh Office
W.98Welsh Transport Statistics (PDF 195kb)June 2007Welsh Assembly Government Statistical Directorate
W.100WAG 2006 Based Population Projections (PDF 617kb)June 2008Welsh Assembly Government
W.101WAG 2006 Household Projections (PDF 401kb)June 2009Welsh Assembly Government
W.102Delivering affordable housing using section 106 agreements: A Guidance Update (PDF 619kb)September 2009Welsh Assembly Government
W.103Local Housing Market Assessment Guide (PDF 925kb)March 2006Welsh Assembly Government
W.104Local Authority Population Projections for Wales (2008-based) - Summary Report (PDF 363kb)2010Welsh Assembly Government