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Alternative sites consultation

The Deposit Caerphilly County Borough Local Development Plan was made available for public consultation for a six-week period during October and November 2008. During this period, members of the public, organisations and others with an interest in Caerphilly county borough, took the opportunity to comment on the policies and proposals contained in the Deposit Plan. Thousands of people took the opportunity to give their views on the proposals contained in the plan, this included proposing new sites for development, amending sites contained within the deposit plan and the removal of sites from the deposit plan.

The council are required to under take a consultation on any new sites, site amendments and sites suggested for deletion that were proposed by the public during the statutory 6-week consultation that took place in October / November 2008. It is important to note that the sites advertised as part of the Alternative Sites Consultation are NOT council proposals at this stage.

Views on the proposed site changes to the Deposit Plan were sought during a statutory six-week public consultation between Wednesday 28 January and Wednesday 11 March 2009.

The consultation documents

Views were sought on the following documents:

  • The Alternative Sites Register
  • Representation Register
  • Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)
  • These documents are described below:

    (1) Alternative Sites Register

    The Alternative Sites Register contains all site proposals that were received from members of the public during the Deposit Plan consultation which seek to either:

  • Add a new site for a specified purpose to the Deposit Plan; or
  • Alter the boundaries of a site allocated in the Deposit Plan; or
  • Delete a site allocated in the Deposit Plan
  • It should be noted that a 'new site' might in fact be a proposal to change the land use of a site allocated in the Deposit Plan. For example, the proposal may be a site allocated for Housing in the Plan should rather be allocated for employment, and this would then be treated as a new Employment Site.

    The Register is in three Parts, one for each type of representation as listed below.

  • Part A: New sites proposed to be allocated in the Plan
  • Part B: Proposed amendments to the boundary of a site allocated in the Plan
  • Part C: Proposed deletion of a site allocated in the Plan
  • Each part of the Register contains a schedule listing all of the site proposals seeking changes to the sites identified in that Part. Within the schedule the site proposals are ordered first by Electoral Ward and then by Site Reference.

    For each site, the schedule lists all the relevant proposals that have been made on the site and identifies the representor (which is the organisation where applicable, the name where not), and the name of the site.

    In order to examine the original representation in respect of the site, make a note of the Representation Reference (e.g 2009/1066) on the schedule. The original representation can then be viewed on the Representation Register.

    adobe logo Alternative Sites Register (PDF 246kb)
    adobe logo Part A: New sites proposed to be allocated in the Plan by ward (PDF 13.4mb)
    adobe logo Part B: Proposed amendments to the boundary of a site allocated in the Plan (PDF 15.7mb)
    adobe logo Part C: Proposed deletion of a site allocated in the Plan (PDF 5.8mb)

    (2) Representation Register

    The Representation Register contains copies of all of the original site representations received during the Deposit Plan Consultation on particular sites.

    Identify the original representation using the Representation Reference (e.g 2009/1066), which consists of the Representor Reference and a unique number identifying the particular representation received from that Representor.

    The Representation Register is available to view at Pontllanfraith House, Council Offices.

    (3) Supplementary Planning Guidance

    The council will be preparing a number of documents expanding on some of the policies in the Plan. Advantage is being taken of the current consultation to carry out an initial consultation exercise on the following document:

    Car Parking Standards

    The Car Parking Standards SPG that is being prepared, once approved, will be supplementary to the council approved Unitary Development Plan. The representations made on this SPG will be reported to Council, and taken into account when the SPG is progressed to adoption.

    adobe logoCar Parking Standards (PDF 384 kb)
    adobe logo Car Parking Standards: Parking Zones (PDF 35.0 mb)