Local Development Plan - the process

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Delivery Agreement

The Local Development Plan Delivery Agreement establishes a timetable for the preparation of the LDP together with a Community Involvement Scheme, which outlines the council's policy regarding who, how and when it will consult in the process.

The public consultation on the Delivery Agreement was completed in February 2006 and was amended to reflect the views of businesses, organisations, members of the public and other organisations before being approved by Council in April 2006.

The Caerphilly LDP Delivery Agreement received formal approval by the Welsh Assembly Government in May 2006, marking an important milestone in the production of the plan.

adobe logo Caerphilly LDP Delivery Agreement (PDF 334kb)

If you would like to record your interest in participating in the preparation of the Caerphilly Local Development Plan, please complete and return the form below:

adobe logo Caerphilly LDP Individual Respondent Details (PDF 10kb)

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Addendum to Delivery Agreement

The Caerphilly County Borough Council Delivery Agreement, which guides the preparation of the Local Development Plan was formally agreed by Caerphilly County Borough Council and the Welsh Assembly Government in May 2006. In line with Development Plan Regulations, on reaching deposit stage, the council were required to submit an updated timetable to WAG, turning the indicative timings outlined in the DA into definitive timing for the remaining stages of the plan preparation process.

An Addendum to the Delivery Agreement with definitive timings for the remaining stages of the plan has been produced and was formally agreed by Council on 28 April and received formal agreement from the Welsh Government on 21 May 2009.

In May 2009, the Welsh Assembly Government issued Circular CL-01-2009. The circular allows local planning authorities to consider certain 'focused' changes that would be appropriate to ensure that the LDP is sound. When the local planning authority submits its LDP for examination, it should advertise through public consultation an addendum to the deposit plan setting out the focused changes it wishes to be made. The addendum to the delivery agreement includes the new additional stage 'advertise focused changes', the timetable is sufficiently flexible to allow for this stage without impacting on the overall timescale.

adobe logo Addendum to Delivery Agreement (PDF 187kb)

If you have any queries regarding the Delivery Agreement, contact the Strategic Planning Team either by email at ldp@caerphilly.gov.uk or by telephone on 01495 235376.