UK documents

Reference Document Date Author
UK.1A Practical Guide to the SEA Directive (PDF 777kb)September 2005Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
UK.2Biodiversity - The UK Action Plan (PDF 6.3mb) United Kingdom Parliament
UK.3BS 4142 Noise AssessmentJune 2005 
UK.4Climate Change - the UK ProgrammeDecember 2006Department for Energy and Climate Change
UK.5Code for Sustainable HomesDecember 2006Department for Communities and Local Government
UK.6Commons Act 2006July 2006United Kingdom Parliament
UK.7Countryside & Wildlife Act (as amended) 1981 (PDF 9.1mb)January 2005United Kingdom Parliament
UK.8Diversity & Equality in Planning (PDF 1.4mb)January 2005Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
UK.9Energy White Paper : Meeting the Energy Challenge (PDF 6.7mb)May 2007United Kingdom Parliament
UK.10Hedgerow RegulationsJune 1997United Kingdom Parliament
UK.11Lifting the Planning Barriers to Domestic Energy (PDF 383kb)July 2007Welsh Assembly Government
UK.12Local Development Frameworks (PDF 215kb)July 2008Planning Inspectorate
UK.13Manual for StreetsMarch 2007Department for Transport
UK.14National Parks & Access to the Countryside ActDecember 1949United Kingdom Parliament
UK.15Natural Green Spaces (PDF 1.4mb)  
UK.16Natural Environment & Rural Communities Act 2006December 2006United Kingdom Parliament
UK.17NPFA Six Acre Standard (to be added shortly) National Playing Fields Association
UK.18Our Energy Challenge: Power for the people (PDF 2.7mb)March 2006Department for Trade and Industry
UK.19Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act 2004May 2004United Kingdom Parliament
UK.20Racial Equality SchemeDecember 2005Caerphilly County Borough Council
UK.21Road Traffic Forecasts 2008 (PDF 3.1mb) Department for Transport
UK.22Sustainability Appraisal of Regional Spatial Strategies and Local Development Documents (PDF 992kb)November 2005Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
UK.24The Climate Change and Sustainable Energy ActJune 2006United Kingdom Parliament
UK.25The Commons Act 2006July 2006United Kingdom Parliament
UK.26The Conservation Regs 1994October 1994United Kingdom Parliament
UK.27The Countryside and Rights of Way Act (CROW Act)December 2000United Kingdom Parliament
UK.28The Energy Review, The Energy Challenge (PDF 2.6mb)July 2006Department of Trade and Industry
UK.29The Energy White Paper: Our Energy Future (PDF 1.9mb)December 2003Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
UK.30The Environment ActDecember 1995United Kingdom Parliament
UK.31The Renewables Obligations OrderDecember 2002United Kingdom Parliament
UK.32The Stern Review: The Economics of Climate ChangeOctober 2006HM Treasury
UK.33The Sustainable Energy ActOctober 2003United Kingdom Parliament
UK.34Town & Country Planning Act 1947 United Kingdom Parliament
UK.35Town & Country Planning Act 1990December 1990United Kingdom Parliament
UK.36Town & Country Planning Order 1995December 1995United Kingdom Parliament
UK.37UK Sustainable Construction Strategy (PDF 1.9mb)June 2008Department for Business Innovation and Skills
UK.38The Climate Change Act 2008November 2008UK Parliament