South East Wales documents

Reference Document Date Author
SEW.1Aggregates Mineral Survey Annual Reports 2006 (PDF 1.0mb)December 2006South Wales Regional aggregates Working Party
SEW.2Aggregates Mineral Survey Annual Reports 2007 (PDF 2.6mb)December 2007South Wales Regional aggregates Working Party
SEW.3Further Analysis of Land Survey Data- Final Report (PDF 5.5mb)July 2007 
SEW.4HRA : A Toolkit to support HRA Screening (PDF 1.8mb)September 2008SEWSPG/Enfusion
SEW.5Managing Flood Risk: Eastern Valleys - Final Plan (PDF 19.1mb)March 2009Environment Agency Wales
SEW.7South East Wales Regional Housing Apportionment - Memorandum of Understanding (PDF 70kb)December 2006 
SEW.8Development of Criteria for Special Landscape Area Designation for South East Wales Local Authorities (PDF 6.7mb)July 2007TACP Consultants
SEW.9Regional Technical Statement (PDF 5.6mb)October 2008South Wales Regional Aggregates Working Party
SEW.10Regional Waste Plan 1st Review (PDF 6.7mb)September 2008South East Wales Regional Waste Group
SEW.11Regional Waste Plan Annual Monitoring Report (PDF 1.8mb)March 2007South East Wales Regional Waste Group
SEW.12Selection of Wildlife Sites in South Wales (PDF 858kb)August 2004The South Wales Wildlife Sites Partnership
SEW.13South East Wales Development Strategy (PDF 3.7mb)February 2005South East Wales Economic Forum
SEW.14South East Wales Regional Housing Market Study (PDF 7.0mb)December 2005South East Wales Regional Housing Forum
SEW.15Guidance on Preparing Affordable Housing Viability Studies (PDF 371kb)October 2009SEWSPG
SEW.17Regional Transport Plan - Final Draft (PDF 1.4mb)December 2008South East Wales Transport Alliance
SEW.18Regional Transport Plan - 5 Year Programme (PDF 124kb)December 2008South East Wales Transport Alliance
SEW.19Turning Heads - A Strategy for the Heads of the Valleys 2020 (PDF 1.7mb)June 2006Welsh Assembly Government
SEW.20Managing Flood Risk: Eastern Valleys - Appendices (PDF 3.2mb)March 2009Environment Agency Wales
SEW.21Rail Strategy (PDF 1.2mb)January 2006South East Wales Transport Alliance
SEW.22SEWSPG Projections Evaluation Paper (Final) (PDF 201kb)October 2009SEWSPG