Local Development Plan - the process

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Deposit Plan

The Caerphilly Local Development Plan (LDP) will be the strategic land use document that will set out the council's land use policies and proposals to control the development and use of land within the county borough up to 2021.

The council approved the Deposit Local Development Plan and associated documents for consultation and your comments were invited during a six-week public consultation period. (Wednesday 15 October to Wednesday 26 November 2008).

The consultation documents

Views were sought on three sets of documents:

  • The Deposit Local Development Plan;
  • The assessments carried out on the plan in respect of its environmental impact and sustainability; and
  • Detailed guidance on the implementation of some of the policies in the plan.

The three sets of documents are described below:

The Deposit Local Development Plan (Deposit LDP)

The Deposit LDP consists of the following documents:

adobe logo The Written Statement (PDF 1.8mb)

adobe logo Appendices to the Written Statement (PDF 7.7mb)

adobe logo The Proposals Map (PDF 556kb)

The Written Statement contains the policies and proposals in the plan, and is in three sections:

  • Section 1 - identifies the strategy for the development of the county borough, which is based on three strategy areas (the Heads of the Valleys Regeneration Area, the Northern Connections Corridor and the Southern Connections Corridor), and also the strategic policies that establish the policy framework for the implementation of the strategy.
  • Section 2 - contains countywide policies that will be used to make decisions on development proposals throughout the county borough.
  • Section 3 - contains policies specific to the three strategy areas of the county borough, and in particular the policies identify the sites allocated for development for particular purposes, and the sites that should be protected from development.

The Appendices to the Written Statement are as follows:

  • Special Landscape Areas
  • Visually Important Local Landscapes
  • Green Wedges
  • Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation
  • Statutory Protected Sites (SAC, SSSI, LNR, Historic Environment etc)
  • Waste Management Facility Site Description
  • Housing Site Descriptions
  • Survey Requirements for Housing Sites
  • Employment Site Descriptions
  • Commercial Site Descriptions
  • Commercial Boundaries
  • Leisure proposal descriptions
  • Tourism Proposal Descriptions
  • Community Facilities Proposal Descriptions
  • Transportation Proposal Descriptions
  • Road Hierarchy and Movement Descriptions
  • National Core Output Indicators
  • Sustainability Objectives and Monitoring Indicators
  • Monitoring Strategic Policies: Targets and Indicators
  • Delivery and Implementation
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment / Sustainability Appraisal (SEA/SA)

    As an integral part of the preparation of the Deposit Plan, there was continuous assessment to ensure that the critical issues of environmental impact and sustainability have been fully taken into account.

    The SEA/SA documents are as follows:

    Abode logo SEA Part 1 (1) - The Scoping Report (PDF 798kb

    Abode logo SEA Part 1 (2) - The Review of Relevant Plans and Programmes (PDF 579kb

    Abode logo SEA Part 1 (3) - The Assessment of the Preferred and Alternative LDP Strategies (PDF 196kb

    Abode logo SEA Part 2 (4) - Environmental Report (PDF 6.3mb)

    Abode logo SEA Part 2 (4) – Appendix 8 (PDF 9.3mb

    Abode logo SEA Part 2 (5) - Habitat Regulations Assessment (PDF 1.2mb)

    Abode logo SEA Non-Technical Summary (PDF 103kb)

    Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)

    The council will be preparing a number of documents expanding on the implementation of some of the policies in the plan when it is adopted. Advantage was taken of the Deposit LPD consultation to carry out a consultation exercise on four of these documents as follows:

    Abode logo Affordable Housing Obligations (PDF 292kb)

    Abode logo Education Obligations (PDF 125kb)

    Abode logo Caerphilly Basin Strategic Highway Network Obligations (PDF 2.8mb)

    Abode logo Trees and development (PDF 876kb)

    The SPG that is being prepared in parallel with the LDP will come into effect the same date as the Plan itself, which is currently expected to be 2010.

    Supplementary information

    Further documents relating to the preparation of the Deposit LDP are available. These documents are not themselves part of the Plan, and are not the subject of consultation. These documents include Background Papers, Constraints Map, Candidate Sites Register and Initial Consultation Report (Preferred Strategy). All these documents can be found under the Evidence Base link.