Local Development Plan - the process

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Pre-deposit plan preparation

Consultation on the Preferred Strategy

The council consulted on the Preferred Strategy for the Local Development Plan in April / May 2007. The Preferred Strategy sets out the key aims and objectives for the Local Development Plan (LDP), identifying in general terms areas where development will be encouraged, and areas that will be protected from development.

The consultation on the Preferred Strategy was carried out between Wednesday 18 April 2007 and Wednesday 30 May 2007. Mobile exhibitions took place throughout the consultation period.

adobe logo LDP Mobile Exhibitions (PDF 89kb)

The Preferred Strategy and associated Sustainability Appraisal / Strategic Environmental Assessment documents are available to download below:

The Preferred Strategy document is accompanied by a separate volume containing 12 Appendices that provide background information on the Strategy and its preparation.

adobe logo Preferred Strategy (PDF 504kb)

adobe logo Preferred Strategy Appendices index page (PDF 110kb)

adobe logo Preferred Strategy Appendices (PDF 4.5mb)

adobe logo Appendix 1: Estimated need for waste and recycling 'In building' facilities (PDF 246kb)

adobe logo Appendix 2: Key Issues for Caerphilly County Borough (PDF 87kb)

adobe logo Appendix 3: Maps indicating the distribution of mineral reserves (PDF 1692kb)

adobe logo Appendix 4: Objectives from the Community Strategy (PDF 56kb)

adobe logo Appendix 5: The three Alternative Strategies (PDF 103kb)

adobe logo Appendix 6: Functional Analysis of Community Plan Areas (PDF 574kb)

adobe logo Appendix 7: Overview of Settlement Facilities (PDF 80kb)

adobe logo Appendix 8: Initial Site Assessments (PDF 52kb)

adobe logo Appendix 9: Site Assessment Proformas (PDF 201kb)

adobe logo Appendix 10: Summary of Provisional Site Assessments (PDF 1.8mb)

adobe logo Appendix 11: Self Assessment - Test of Soundness (PDF 69kb)

adobe logo Appendix 12: SEA/SA Assessment of the Preferred Strategy - Mitigation Table (PDF 79kb)

adobe logo Preferred Strategy Consultation Feedback Form (PDF 20kb)

The Preferred Strategy was subject to a Sustainability Appraisal. The Sustainability Appraisal consists of three documents, which can be viewed here:

adobe logo The Scoping Report (PDF 808kb)

adobe logo The Review of Relevant Plans, Programmes, and Policies (PDF 559kb)

adobe logo The Assessment of the Preferred and Alternative Strategies (PDF 196kb)

adobe logo Strategic Environmental Assessment/Sustainability Appraisal - Draft Scoping Report June 2006 (PDF 1.4mb)

adobe logo Draft Scoping Report - Appendix 1: Review of Relevant Plans, Policies and Programmes (PDF 571kb)

For further information or assistance, email ldp@caerphilly.gov.uk or phone 01495 235376.